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On June 23rd 2007, a selected BINUS University top leaders gathered in a prominent hotel in Singapore began a serious discussion on how BINUS University will strategically deal with the next 25 years.

Looking back to the BINUS University 25-year experience, one can come to the conclusion that this private institution has reached remarkable achievements in the various aspects of the education business. These achievements are now being “copied” by other universities. For example, in 1997 BINUS University claimed to be the first university accredited with ISO 9001:2001 – other universities are now implementing the same quality management system. A balanced-scorecard system has also been successfully implemented in BINUS University, and other universities have followed suit. The same stories have happened with respect to BINUS University e-learning, the BINUS SODA (Centralized in operational matters, but decentralized in academic matters) system, the BINUS University matrix organizational structure, and the BINUS knowledge management system.

Lessons learned from other universities which have dealt with similar experiences can be used as references. A prominent business school in Paris, INSEAD, for example, has been successful in empowering and “utilizing” its corps of alumni to promote the school and secure its long term sustainability. Another university, Rotterdam Business School, has been investing very significantly in research and development. On the other hand, some Austrian universities have pioneered the development of Intellectual Capital Reporting to increase their reputation.

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