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It was January 2006, when Bambang Asmarabudi turned off his remote control on television set in his room in Pulo Gadung office after seeing 30-second TVC (TV Campaign) of new cub, Yamaha Jupiter developed by Yamaha’s headquarter in Japan. He was fond of this motorcycle. The technology was awesome, it had fantastic design, it comprised shooting technique, good setting; it was flawless design and high product quality.

As Managing Director of Promotions and Motorsports, Bambang was involved in the company for 15 years. He started his career in motorcycle manufacturer. Actually, there was nothing wrong with commercial overall content. But he was not sure that the ad would be received by company target market, regarding taste and education level difference in Japan and Indonesia. He knew exactly what kind of people in Indonesia. And it did not match with TV advertising.

He watched thousand times of the commercial advertising of Yamaha Jupiter. He saw the sales report was plummeted during the first quarter. He was weighing the idea about having another type of advertising. The advertising that was easier to understand, better shaped, and reach the grass root community. So that they did not need to think, did not need to analyze, but the advertising still headed the new technology and design of the cub.

He then picked up his cell phone, rang the Vice President, Dyonisius Beti, asked for a time to discuss the matters that bothered him.

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