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“Apa pun makanannya, minumnya Teh Botol Sosro”, (Any food you eat, the beverage is Teh Botol Sosro), it was SOSRO’s tag line appeared in every SOSRO advertising, in television or printed media. Mr. Sosrojoyo’s dream happened now where he wanted everybody to enjoy the delicious smell and taste of Sosro tea. Now everywhere in Indonesia, in every small kiosk from small village to big city we could see the product of Sosro tea.

Of course this success did not happen in one night. It was a long journey since Sosro built the kingdom of tea, facing lots of challenge and obstacles. It was in 2006, when Mr. Sosrojoyo sat in his office, reflecting the long journey the family went through. It seemed to him the nowadays business situation had changed, the coming of new player in bottled beverage made him re-thinking about Sosro’s competitive advantage. He had to reformulate Sosro’s competency in a way so that they could answer the challenge of competitor.

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Case number: 107-1505-001
Course Major: Strategic Management
Related Topics: Competitive Advantage
Teaching Note Availability: SOSRO: The King of Indonesian Tea Beverage [Teaching Note]