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Dr. Lukiarti, the Director and the person in charge of the daily activities of the High Reach Learning Care Institution was observing each of the picking up activities of the children under her observation. She also spoke to a few parents on the subjects that needed further explanation regarding the kids’ development. These routine interactions with parents are done to make sure that everything runs smoothly and under control.
After the children’s pick-up operation was completed, Ibu Luki, this was how Dr.Lukiarti was addressed by her colleagues, entered her office and sat down on a chair in the corner of the room. Her eyes did not show tiredness although she is in her early fifties. She quickly picked up a folder from the table which contained to pieces of proposals on the business development. For the past one week her mind had been preoccupied with these proposals. It was not a simple offer and hard to be chosen: Franchising the Daycare business which had been developed for one year or developing the business organically, collaborating with a few office buildings. The periodic meeting of the High Reach founders / share holders would be held in an hour’s time. The discussion on the development of this Daycare business was one of her agendas. She picked up her glasses and started making deeper analysis on the pros and cons of the two offers.

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Case number: 107-1036-001
Case Author: Amalia E Maulana
Course Major: Marketing
Related Topics: Services Marketing
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